2 Simple Steps to Improve Fuel Efficiency for Your Beemer

Hesitation on Acceleration: Could It be the Fuel or Something More with Your BMW?The fuel efficiency in your BMW can be improved by some of the things you do. While the baseline fuel efficiency is going to remain consistent, how you drive can have a significant impact on just how many kilometers you get for every liter of gas.

Here are some simple steps you can take that will improve fuel efficiency for your BMW.

Simple Step #1: Accelerate slowly.

While you enjoy the power of the BMW, if you accelerate slowly at stop lights, traffic lights, and when you’re pulling out of your driveway, it will help to improve fuel efficiency tremendously.

The harder you accelerate, the more fuel your engine is burning. When you multiply that by 20, 40, or more stop and go moments throughout each day, you could be throwing away many liters of fuel every single week.

Simple Step #2: Use the recommended fuel for your BMW.

Some BMWs required 93 octane fuel while others may require 87 or 86. Some may call for a fuel rated somewhere in between. If your BMW calls for 87 octane and you’re constantly putting 93 in because you think it’s better for it, it’s not. In fact, it can be causing some damage to your engine while also reducing your fuel efficiency.

Follow some of these tips and you can see your BMW going farther and farther every single week on less and less fuel.


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