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3 Reasons Synthetic Oil May be Better for Your Particular BMW

2015-07-31T17:32:45+00:00 July 31st, 2015|Tips|

Synthetic oil is basically what it sounds like. It is a lubricant that is designed for engines that is created artificially from chemical compounds. There are many different types of synthetic oil. Some of them begin with conventional oil as the base. They then rely on chemically altering it to create this synthetic oil. Other [...]

3 Reasons Your BMW Headlights May be Dimmer than Usual

2015-07-20T16:42:00+00:00 July 20th, 2015|Tips|

Perhaps you noticed a particular issue developing with your BMW. The last couple of nights you’ve been driving around, you haven’t seen the road as clearly as you used to. The dashboard looks fine, the lights inside don’t appear any dimmer, but something is truly going wrong with your BMW’s headlights. There could be any [...]

What Inspection II Entails for Your BMW

2015-07-14T17:46:55+00:00 July 14th, 2015|Service|

If it’s time for an Inspection II service on your BMW, you want to make sure you find the right authorized BMW service center to perform it. Inspection II covers every single thing you’ll find in the Inspection I service. You can read more about what Inspection I services cover in the article published previously. [...]

What Inspection I Entails for Your BMW

2015-07-08T18:49:18+00:00 July 8th, 2015|Service|

Visiting an authorized BMW service center for an Inspection I service is highly recommended. There are many things that go into an Inspection I service, including looking at the undercarriage, engine compartment, body and electrical equipment, and then taking it for a test drive. This inspection was developed to ensure that your BMW is running [...]

Why ‘Drifting’ on the Highway Might Not be the Alignment

2015-07-02T21:24:35+00:00 July 2nd, 2015|Service|

  The more experience you have driving, the more likely you’ll experienced this scenario: You’re driving along the highway and you noticed the car beginning to drift toward one side or the other. There could be a number of reasons for this, but the most common assumption is improper wheel alignment. Wheel alignment essentially refers [...]

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