Why Do Some BMWs Seem to Last Forever?

You’re driving down the road. It was a beautiful summer afternoon. You had the windows open, the music playing, and it felt great. Maybe you have a relatively new BMW or you wanted to purchase one for a long time. You suddenly start noticing them even more when it is on your radar or you own one yourself.

You may have seen a lot of older models as well.

New BMW’s look gorgeous. But there are also thousands upon thousands, even tens of thousands of BMWs that are 10, 20, or even 30 years old out on the roads today. It’s a great sign of quality workmanship and design.

Is it simply a matter of construction?

Longevity for a vehicle involves a lot more than just how it’s designed and built. It has to do with how well it is cared for or how much effort is put into it to rebuild certain parts, fix it up, clean it, and possibly even repaint the exterior.

For anyone who has a BMW and wants their vehicle to last for many, many years, it all starts with those first steps. Pay attention to details. Bring it in for the Inspection I and Inspection II servicing. Change the oil at regular intervals.

Change the other filters as necessary as well, including the air filter, fuel filter, and so on. Also flush out the radiator system at the end of summer and beginning of spring. Replace the engine coolant in fall with antifreeze. Replace antifreeze at the end of winter with coolant Even though they are the same, when you continually flush out the radiator system, it maximizes efficiency to help protect vital engine components.

If any work is recommended by a quality, experienced, and honest auto service technician that specializes in BMW, seriously consider going through with it. These are just a few simple steps that help keep BMWs on the road longer.

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