The Shimmy-Shimmy-Shake … What’s Wrong with Your BMW?

When you first purchased your BMW, whether it was brand new, certified used, or you purchase it from a private party owner, you were thrilled. It felt great to slip behind the wheel, start the engine, feel it rev, and feel the power at your fingertips.

It was a smooth, comfortable ride.

It was quiet, it had a lot of power, and you couldn’t have asked for a smoother ride. It felt wonderful. However, recently you’ve begun noticing something changing. Every so often you might feel a vibration. At first, you may have passed it off as something in the road.

When people drift a little too far toward the shoulder of some roads, especially highways, their tires make hit the ‘rumble strips.’ The strips are put there as a way to wake up drowsy drivers whose vehicles may be drifting off the road, potentially keeping them from major disasters.

There are also going to be a number of potholes and imperfections in the roadways that could cause a bit of a shake or jolt. However, if your BMW seems to be shimmying too much, if you notice the shaking occurring on even the smoothest road surfaces, it’s time to bring it in to an authorized service center.

There could be a number of causes.

There could be numerous reasons why your BMW is starting to exhibit the symptoms. Some of them could be little more than nuisances for now, but more often they could be potential safety hazards.

It could be due to a loose tie rod, ball joint, U-joint, poor wheel alignment, a tire becoming unbalanced, and the list goes on and on.

Get this taken care of now.

It’s important that you don’t wait. Some of the aforementioned issues may cause nothing more than a nuisance or wear your tires out too quickly, but they can also cause difficulty with handling and control. Other issues can be far more serious, potentially leading to one of your tires completely coming apart and if that happens while cruising down the highway at more than 120 km/h, it can lead to a very serious accident.

Make sure you get this problem taken care of right away.

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