Why These Three Habits Could Be Killing Your BMW

You purchased a BMW, whether it is new or used, because you know this is one of the finest automobiles in the world. You figured it would last forever, but no car or truck is going to remain running for years and years without proper maintenance and some good driving habits to go along with that.

There are probably a few habits you might have that could be hurting your BMW, either the engine, braking system, suspension, or other components. Most people have these bad habits developed over time without realizing how they can impact their car or truck.

Hard stop and go driving.

When you do a lot of stop and go driving, especially in cities like Toronto, every time you slam on the accelerator to gun the engine, just to get ahead of everyone, and every time you hit the brakes too hard, it is placing a lot of unnecessary stress on your vital components.

It’s better to ease out from a stop and give yourself plenty of room to come to a full and complete stop. This not only keeps you safer on the road, it also protects your engine, brakes, and other vital systems.

Not checking the fluid levels.

Very few people today properly check their oil, transmission fluid level, power steering fluid, coolant level, washing fluid level, and so much more. They barely give it a second thought. They rely too much on dashboard indicator lights, but if you are not checking the fluid levels, you aren’t getting a good idea of what color, texture, and level those fluids should be at.

Using the wrong fuel.

Your BMW might be a high-performance automobile, but it may call for 87 octane. If you’re putting 93 or 94 octane in the fuel tank every fill up, you’re actually not doing any favors for your Beemer. Whatever your car calls for, put that level of octane in to avoid deposits and build up that can affect the fuel injectors and other sensitive components throughout the engine.

If you have questions about any of these things, bring your BMW into Bimmex, one of the leading authorized BMW service centers throughout the Greater Toronto Area and they can help you learn how to develop better driving habits that will protect you and your car out on the road.

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