3 Car Maintenance Tips in November for Your Beemer

Check the Tire Pressure on Your Beemer, Especially when Temperatures ChangeNovember can roll around quite quickly. Many people spend the entire summer enjoying being outside, going to the beach, bicycling, and more. If they have a family, they likely spend time with their kids playing sports outside, and doing anything else they can. When September hits and kids are going back to school, men and women become more focused on their jobs once again. Before they realize it, November is here.

That means winter is just around the corner. In Toronto, snow can begin falling any time now. That means when you own a BMW it’s time to get ready with some important maintenance tips.

Maintenance Tip #1: Check those tires.

The tires you have on your BMW matter. If you have regular, all weather tires, it may seem practical to leave them on but you should focus on getting snow tires. You could have your regular tires taken off so you can store them in your garage, a storage shed, or even in your attic during the winter months.

If you have snow tires on your BMW, you will gain much better traction when it is snowing, which it is going to do a lot this winter.

Maintenance Tip #2: Replace the oil.

Even though you might have recently had your oil replaced, you might want to consider having it replaced again with a lighter weight oil. For example, 5W-30 is better than 10W-40 for the winter months. That’s because the lighter weight oil will move through your engine more easily in colder temperatures.

Maintenance Tip #3: Check the antifreeze and coolant.

Antifreeze/coolant is basically the same thing. You want to have your radiator system flushed right now and have it replaced with brand-new coolant. This will help protect your engine from cold morning starts and keep it operating at peak levels throughout the winter months ahead.

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