3 Clear Signs Your BMW’s Transmission May Need Servicing


3 Clear Signs Your BMW’s Transmission May Need ServicingJust because your BMW may be low on the amount of kilometers you put on it, that doesn’t mean the transmission can’t fail. There could be a number of reasons why transmission problems begin to arise, and even though BMWs are built with an incredible high standard as compared to most other vehicles on the road today, defects can occur, pieces can break off, and misuse can cause problems.

Here are three signs that may very well indicate your BMW’s transmission needs to be looked at as soon as possible. The older the car is, the more likely it needs servicing.

Sign #1: Hard shifting.

Even if the BMW is an automatic transmission, if you notice it shifting between gears and slamming when it does so, there could be a number of reasons for this. One could be the loadbearing on the vehicle at the time it had to shift, such as climbing a steep hill with a lot of weight in the vehicle. It could also indicate mechanical issues within the interior of the transmission.

Sign #2: Difficulty getting it into gear.

If you have a manual transmission and notice it’s getting more and more difficult to move it between first and second gear, or some other gear, that could indicate the clutch is wearing out or some other problem is arising. The sooner you get it serviced, the less you expose it to more damage in the future.

Sign #3: Poor acceleration.

When the light turns green and you depress the accelerator and the car hesitates, it could be due to a misfiring spark plug, poor fuel injection, and maybe even a transmission issue.

Bringing your BMW into an authorized service center is the best way to have it properly diagnosed to ensure that you address any problems as soon as possible and avoid costly repairs later on.


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