3 End of Summer Maintenance Tips for Your BMW

Check the Tire Pressure on Your Beemer, Especially when Temperatures ChangeIt’s basically the end of summer in the Greater Toronto Area, and that means it’s time to get your BMW ready for the fall and winter months ahead. No, you don’t want to think about another winter season, but the sooner you begin planning for your general BMW maintenance, the more you can focus on enjoying the fall season, especially the changing leaves and brilliant color that will abound for several weeks.

Here are three tips to keep in mind when it comes to general maintenance that you can do while it is still summer and be prepared for the colder months ahead.

Tip #1: Replace the coolant.

Even if you just had the coolant system flushed in the spring, following the long, cold winter we had, it’s a good idea to do it again. While most auto service technicians will recommend flushing and replacing the antifreeze or coolant once a year, it’s best to do this twice a year, once heading into winter and once as we head into summer.

By flushing the coolant out, it will remove any rust or other particulates that got into the system and provide you an opportunity to replace it with quality antifreeze that will protect the engine during those extremely cold months ahead.

Tip #2: Check the tires.

If you have summer driving tires, you want to get ready to replace them with winter tires. There is a significant difference between the two, and you want to make sure you have the right thick tread on your tires that will grab the snow when you have to get to work during a major storm.

It’s also a good idea to check the tire pressure. Even if you’re going to wait until October or November to change out the tires, make sure you have the tire pressure set properly for the tires and the vehicle. This usually means increasing the air in the tires as it gets colder.

Tip #3: Change the oil.

When the evenings and night time temperatures begin to drop, you want to have an oil that is going to properly protect the engine. A higher weight oil becomes more difficult for the pump to move it through the system so you may not be protected as well on those cold starts. Replace the oil with a lighter weight oil for the fall and winter season ahead.

Following these tips you should be protecting your BMW and ready for the winter season ahead.


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