3 Excuses other BMW Owners Have Used to Not Bring Their Car in for Regular Servicing

3 Excuses other BMW Owners Have Used to Not Bring Their Car in for Regular ServicingThere could be a number of reasons why you’ve not brought your BMW in for regular servicing, and you’re not alone. You may be incredibly busy, don’t think it’s necessary, or the maintenance or check engine light has not illuminated.

Below are three of the most common excuses BMW owners use to not have their car serviced at regular intervals. If you find yourself making these excuses, reevaluate the reason you’re using them and focus on doing what’s right for your high-performance vehicle.

Excuse #1: I don’t have the time.

More and more service centers are offering pickup and drop-off surfaces or even loaner cars for their customers. When you have access to these options, it really takes away this excuse of not having the time to drop it off and wait for it. You don’t need to wait for your vehicle, so you can get to work or back to the things that are so important in your life.

Excuse #2: I don’t have the money at the moment.

Maybe you’re stretched financially because of numerous expenses. It can happen, but that should be no excuse to ignore regular maintenance for your BMW. Regular servicing can cost $100 or several hundred dollars. Major repairs can cost more than $1,000. There are certain options that could help you pay those repairs and services over time, just like your car payment.

Excuse #3: The car is running just fine right now.

Just because you’re not noticing little sounds, hesitation, or other issues that could be developing as you put more kilometers on your BMW, that doesn’t mean it’s operating at full health.

That’s what regular servicing is all about; have it checked out at regular intervals to ensure that no minor problems are developing that could lead to significant expenses later on. The sooner you have problems addressed and repaired, the less it’s going to cost you over time.

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