3 Fluids that Can Leak from a BMW

3 Fluids that Can Leak from a BMWOwning a BMW is a great feeling, isn’t it? Whether the BMW is brand new or used, it’s important to pay attention to various aspects of it. One of those is to continually check underneath the car every so often for leaks.

There are number of fluids that move throughout the vehicle and various components. There is coolant or antifreeze, brake fluid, oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid, and even water that can seep out of the air conditioner compressor, making it appear as though there is a fluid leak.

The air conditioner, when in use, can leave a lot of water on the ground just about everywhere you park. This is one of the most commonly misunderstood aspects of a vehicle and causes many people to contact their auto service technician to have it checked out. While water from the air conditioner compressor isn’t a major problem, any other fluids can indicate serious issues.

Three fluids that are most commonly causing leaks for various cars, including some BMWs, are the oil, transmission fluid, and antifreeze or coolant.

The oil, when new, has a slight brownish tint to it, but when you reach down and touch it on the pavement, it could come away looking somewhat clear. It will feel slick to the touch.

Transmission fluid is reddish in color and will generally drip down from the side of the engine or just behind the engine where the transmission connects to it via the flywheel.

Antifreeze or coolant is usually colored yellow or green, depending on the type and manufacturer. It can also appear red, depending on the type of coolant that is used. This will usually drip from around the radiator, though it can also drip around from certain hoses.

If you notice any fluids seeping underneath your vehicle, make note of the color, texture, and contact your authorized BMW service center immediately.

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