3 Possible Problems ‘Groaning’ from Your BMW while Driving Can Indicate

do it yourself brakesDriving your BMW around you begin noticing a certain sound coming from somewhere all around you. It seemed to come from the left side, but when you rolled down the driver side window it sounded like it was coming from the right side. So you rolled down the passenger window and it sounded like it was coming from underneath you.

It’s a good idea to become quite familiar with your BMW when you first purchase it. Pay attention to all of the subtle sounds and behaviors it makes. Whether it’s brand new or has 100,000 km or more under its wheels, there will be certain patterns it follows with regard to these noises and other things going on.

When you hear that groaning, it could indicate a number of different possibilities.

Possibility #1: The brakes are wearing out.

If the noise gets louder when you apply the brakes, it could have something to do with the disc brake pads, drum pads, rotors, or wheel drums. If the pads are wearing down, and if you ignored the subtle but high-pitched squeal when applying the brakes when those pads were wearing down, it could have reached a point where the pad is completely gone and the metal screws that affix the pad to the plate are rubbing against the rotor or the drum.

Possibility #2: The bearings are going bad.

If the noise gets louder and louder the faster you drive, it could very well indicate that the wheel bearings are starting to wear out or are in danger of seizing up completely. If the wheel bearing seize while you are driving on the highway, it can lock up the wheel and cause you to lose control of the vehicle. It’s time to bring it to an authorized BMW service center immediately.

Possibility #3: Engine trouble.

Whether it’s engine trouble or transmission problems, a groaning sound could indicate a vast number of potential problems, from minor to severe within the engine.

No matter when you begin hearing these odd sounds, it’s time to bring your BMW into an authorized service center for proper diagnostics diagnosis and repair.


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