3 Really Good Reasons to Change Your BMW’s Oil

oil-changeHow often do you change the oil in your BMW or other vehicle? Unfortunately, far too many people have a tendency to answer this question with the timeframe, or kilometers, that are expected. In other words, if somebody is readily aware they should change the oil in their vehicle every 8,000 or 16,000 km, they might answer in that affirmative, even though it’s been 20,000 km already since their last well change.

If you’re one of those people who has a tendency to procrastinate on oil changes or other general maintenance for your BMW, here are three good reasons why you should stop that right now.

Reason to Change Your Oil #1: Oil breaks down.

Even if you don’t drive your vehicle very often, such as during the winter and it’s in the garage, the oil breaks down. Just because you haven’t driven many kilometers since your last oil change, if it’s been three or four months, it’s time for another oil change.

Reason to Change Your Oil #2: It collects dirt.

When you are driving your BMW, the oil is moving through the engine components. It’s also collecting minuscule shavings and other dirt. These shavings are from the engine block itself. As the pistons move up and down at high rates of speed, it causes friction. The oil is intended to help reduce friction, but over time it will still take a toll on the engine block itself.

Those cylinders and the pistons will experience some abrasion, creating a little bit of residue that the oil collects and begins to draw away.

If you don’t change the oil, that dirt, those microscopic shavings, will filter back through the engine, potentially causing more scratches and other damage that, though almost invisible to the naked eye, reduce power and performance.

Reason to Change Your Oil #3: It’s designed to protect sensitive components.

The oil is protecting your engine. That engine is basically the lifeblood, the heart, of your BMW. If you don’t change the oil as recommended, you’re not taking care of your BMW and are subsequently increasing the risk of potentially serious damage in the future.

This is just a little bit of food for thought. What about you? How often do you really change the oil in your BMW?


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