3 Reasons Your BMW Headlights May be Dimmer than Usual

picture53Perhaps you noticed a particular issue developing with your BMW. The last couple of nights you’ve been driving around, you haven’t seen the road as clearly as you used to. The dashboard looks fine, the lights inside don’t appear any dimmer, but something is truly going wrong with your BMW’s headlights.

There could be any number of reasons why your headlights are not shining as brightly as they used to. One could simply be that the lenses are clouded over.

The headlight lenses can get dirty from a number of factors. Bugs and road debris, including tar, can build up on the lenses. Even if you’re washing your car or bringing it to a carwash regularly, some of that debris can accumulate on the headlights and build up over time.

Another reason is that you recently changed the headlights or had them replaced because one bulb had blown out, and a weaker wattage bulb was installed. This is an easy fix, by simply installing a higher powered headlight.

Finally, it could be related to the alternator and battery in your car. If the alternator is not functioning properly, the car is going to be relying on battery power to run spark plugs and all other functions in the vehicle. If that’s the case, the battery will begin to drain more quickly. It’s also not going to be getting a charge from the alternator, which is normal.

When that happens, your headlights may begin to show up as being dimmer than usual.

Any time you notice the headlights starting to fade, it’s time to bring it into an authorized BMW service center for proper diagnosis. Dim headlights create a number of safety issues, not just for yourself but others on the road as well.

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