3 Reasons Your BMW’s Brakes Might Not be in Great Condition

brake padsYou could be driving your BMW with brakes that are not in good condition and not even be aware of it. Most drivers on the road today actually don’t know much about how their vehicles work, how to check fluid levels, or how to pay attention to some of the subtle signs that could indicate something’s wrong.

Far too many people even ignore the check engine light when it goes on. When you pay attention to your own vehicle you will begin to notice particular sounds, the way it feels when you steer and takes turns, how it reacts to your foot applying the brakes, and more. That will allow you to detect potential problems before they become safety issues.

Here are three reasons why your BMWs brakes might not be in good condition, which means you should bring it to an authorized service center to have them inspected and/or repaired.

Reason #1: You’ve ignored them for more than 40,000 km.

If it’s been at least 40,000 km since you last had your brakes replaced or even inspected, it’s well past time. Even if you spend most of your time on the highway, you have been using those brakes a lot. They are likely getting worn out.

Reason #2: Your vehicle has been sitting for a long time outside.

If you haven’t used your BMW for many months and it has been sitting outside, the drums and discs have likely rusted. Even though that rust can become scraped off after a while, it’s still a potential safety hazard for braking right now.

Reason #3: Your brake light stays on.

When you start your car and the brake light illuminates, it could be due to a problem with the master cylinder, brake lights that are out, or fluid level that is low.

Any of these signs should inspire you to bring your BMW to an authorized service center to have the brakes inspected and likely replaced and repaired.


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