3 Reasons to Call a Professional When Your BMW Needs Oil

Key Maintenance Checks for Your BMW, Especially Following WinterIf you haven’t checked the oil in your BMW lately, it’s time that you did. Just because you have one of the finest, most precision based automobiles in the world, that doesn’t mean there could be a leak or some other issue that is causing the oil to burn off.

It’s easy to check the oil and you should get into this habit at least once per week. Pop the hood on your BMW, locate the oil dipstick (which is different than the transmission dipstick, which should be readily marked), having paper towels or some rag handy, draw out the oil dipstick.

It’s a good idea to do this when the vehicle is on a flat surface and the engine is somewhat warm, but not extremely hot.

If you check the oil, wipe it off the dipstick, reinsert the dipstick all the way and then drive back out to get an accurate reading. If the oil level is low, even if it is within the ‘recommended’ range, it may be time to figure out why it’s losing oil.

Here are three reasons why you should call on the services of an authorized BMW service center anytime your BMW needs oil.

Reason #1: There could be a leak.

You might not notice oil pooling underneath your vehicle, but that doesn’t mean it’s not leaking. It’s best to have it properly diagnosed and have somebody with experience determine if in fact there is a leak.

Reason #2: Adding the wrong oil can compromise the protective ability of it.

If you have 5W-30 oil in your BMW and add 10W-30, it’s not the same oil. It’s a different weight and viscosity and that can affect its ability to protect your engine, especially under high stress.

Reason #3: Spilling oil can be an environmental hazard.

If you spill oil while trying to add some to your BMW, not only will it get onto various components of your engine, it can be a potential environmental hazard. On top of that, any time oil gets onto hoses or belts inside the engine compartment, it’s going to weaken the integrity of those hoses and belts. Over time, that could lead to coolant leaks and even breaking of the serpentine belt while you’re driving down the highway.


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