3 Signs of a Transmission Problem in Your BMW

transmissionThe transmission in your BMW is responsible for allowing the vehicle to move. Whether you rely on a manual or automatic transmission, eventually there could be problems brewing. Some might be minor while others could require a complete overhaul (rebuild) of the transmission.

There are generally a number of different warning signs that could point to a potential problem with your BMW’s transmission. Three of those signs are:

Slipping gears

When a transmission slips gears, you might not notice it the first couple of times. It depends on the type of experience you have and whether it’s an automatic or manual transmission.

It’s much easier to feel the transmission slipping when you have a manual one. The car might slip out of gear or you could have trouble getting it into the next gear. This might just be the clutch, but that can still be a hefty repair bill.

If the automatic transmission slips, the engine may rev suddenly. This will usually happen when you’re accelerating or climbing uphill (and the car needs to downshift). If you believe that you felt the gears slip, bring your BMW to an authorized service shop.

Engaging only when the clutch is almost fully released

For manual transmissions, if you notice that the car doesn’t start moving, or the tranny doesn’t engage until the clutch pedal is almost fully released, this could be due to the clutch being worn out.

Less costly than a complete transmission rebuild or overhaul, when you notice the clutch going, you should have it repaired right away to avoid any significant damage to the actual transmission.

Leaking fluid

If you notice a reddish fluid leaking from under your BMW, close to the engine, then this might very well be transmission fluid. Any leak in the transmission should be looked at and fixed as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about possible transmission problems with your BMW, contact Bimmex today. We are an authorized BMW repair service center serving Toronto’s BMW drivers.

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