3 Signs Your Wipers Need to Be Replaced

bmw-wiper-bladesYour wipers on your BMW are incredibly important for more than just clearing rainwater from the windshield. It’s a matter of keeping you and everyone in your car and on the road much safer. When your wipers are beginning to wear out, they should be replaced.

It’s difficult for some people to determine whether or not the wipers should be replaced, and we have put together three basic signs that may very well indicate your wipers should be replaced. As for replacing them, it’s a simple procedure, but if you have no desire or experience doing it, you can bring your car into Bimmex and have one of the experienced auto service technicians replace those wiper blades for you.

Sign Wipers Need to Be Replaced #1: Streaking.

When you turn on the wipers and you notice streaking, it could be due to oil, grease, or something else that has gotten onto the windshield glass, but it’s more likely a sign that your wiper blades are not holding their shape and no longer have the ability to properly clean the glass.

Sign Wipers Need to Be Replaced #2: Breakage.

If you look closely at the wipers, you may notice a portion of the rubber blade, especially toward one end or the other, slipping or separating from the rest of the blade itself. When this begins to happen, not only will those wipers be less effective, it’s usually a sign that the rubber has broken down, dried out, and needs to be replaced.

Sign Wipers Need to Be Replaced #3: It’s been at least six months.

If you haven’t replaced the wiper blades in at least six months, various weather elements, including direct sunlight, winter weather, and more all have a direct impact on the rubber on those blades. It’s a good idea to replace your wiper blades at the end of the fall season and beginning of spring every year.


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