3 Strategies to Reduce Blind Spot Hazards in Your BMW

car mirrorBlind spots are one of the most dangerous factors to contend with when driving on Toronto’s roads. When you can’t see someone in your ‘blind spot,’ it could lead to a serious accident. There are several things that you can do to help reduce the risk of accidents and improve visibility in and around your BMW.

Avoid tinted glass.

Even though it’s the ‘in’ thing for younger drivers, your BMW doesn’t need tinted glass to make it look impressive. It’s an incredible machine as it is. Tinted glass may block out some of the sunlight during the summer, but Toronto doesn’t experience that much heat.

What tinted windows will actually do to the driver is make it more difficult to see objects along the passenger side of the car, where the car’s primary and most dangerous blind spot is. Even a quick glance over the left shoulder when changing lanes can be affected by tinted glass.

Remove objects in the way.

When you are driving on Toronto roads, you should always be sure to rely on your direct line of sight. Relying on mirrors will not do anything to improve safety. Always check you mirrors and then also do a quick, direct visual check before committing to a turn.

Use convex mirrors added to the side view mirrors.

Even if your BMW comes with blind spot detection technology, it’s still helpful to add a small convex mirror to the lower right corner (of the right side mirror) and lower left corner (of the left side mirror) to allow you to catch a glimpse of anything potentially in your blind spot.

These mirrors are inexpensive and easy to install. However, they still won’t be a substitute for physically checking with your own two eyes.

If you are planning to back up, always visually check to make sure there is nothing behind your vehicle, below your line of sight. A small child or animal could end up scooting behind you when you’re idling.

Never take driving for granted, especially when driving a BMW.

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