3 Things You Must Know about Electronic Thieves to Stay Safe in Your BMW

3 Things You Must Know about Electronic Thieves to Stay Safe in Your BMWToday, more and more vehicles on the roads are relying on advanced computer technology that can connect to the Internet or be controlled remotely. While this provides a great deal of benefit, it is also creating a potentially new avenue for criminals and those who want to take advantage of this new technology.

Here are three things to keep in mind about electronic thieves when driving or purchasing a BMW.

1. Security systems are not all that secure.

Just because you have an onboard security system that came with your BMW, that doesn’t mean it is completely safe. While it is incredibly difficult for somebody to break into your car, you need to be aware of your surroundings. People often unlock their cars by pressing the key fob before they even get to their vehicle. This would provide a potential thief an opportunity to see what car you drive and then attack you before you get close to it.

2. Understand remote access.

Because of remote access, it has been discovered that there is a possibility somebody could gain access to your car’s navigation system and bring it to a stop, whether you are in it or not. If you are driving on a remote road and somebody has targeted you, they could potentially turn your vehicle off and keep you from getting it back on, putting you at risk.

3. Your information can be exposed.

If you use certain features of your car’s onboard navigation system or Internet access, if it is available on your particular BMW, protect your personal information as often as possible. If you rely on an open network, your information could be exposed to somebody who may be checking in to try to steal it.


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