3 Ways Brakes Talk to You

brake padsDid you know your BMW’s brakes talk to you? If you didn’t, you just weren’t listening. In fact, every car or truck on the road today is speaking to its driver. The key is to begin understanding the language and paying attention to those things it’s saying.

Every squeak, groan, grind, and other sound it makes its talking to you. When it comes to your brakes, it’s absolute essential that you pay attention to whatever it’s telling you.

Here are three ways your brakes on your BMW might just be talking to you right now, trying to tell you it needs service.


If you hear a high-pitched squeal whenever you apply the brakes on your BMW, it’s likely one of two things. It could be dust or some other debris that has become caught between the brake pad and the disc or it could be a sensor in the pad that begins rubbing against the metallic disc to indicate the pad is wearing down.

In either situation, you want to bring your BMW to an authorized service center to have it checked out. You may very well need to replace those brake pads soon.

The brake light stays on.

When you start your BMW and you notice the SRS or ‘brake’ light stays illuminated, it could be due to a number of factors. It could be dust that has covered a sensing component for the antilock braking system, which would be a simple repair, it could be a problem with the master cylinder, or it could simply be that one of your brake lights is no longer functioning.

If you ignore these lights or assume everything is fine since the car’s coming to stop like it always does, you’ll be putting yourself and possibly others at risk.

A soft pedal.

When you apply the brake pedal and it feels soft or sluggish, you have to press down and harder to engage the brakes, it’s most likely a lower brake fluid level. This happens as the brake pads wear down. As the brake pads wear down, the fluid in the reservoir decreases. When that happens, it’s going to require more pressure or distance applied on the brake pedal itself.

You can simply have brake fluid added as needed, but you should always have your brakes professionally examined by a certified and authorized BMW service technician.

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