3 Ways to Maximize Fuel Efficiency for Your Beemer

loose gas cap can cause engine lightOwning a BMW is great, especially for those who know exactly what we’re talking about. There’s something unique about owning a BMW and driving it that you simply don’t get from most other brands of auto manufacturers. A BMW is one of the finest precision automobiles manufactured in the world today.

Not every BMW is going to get the type of fuel efficiency you may have hoped for, but will be right in line as advertised. There are certain things you can do to improve fuel efficiency for any car including your Beemer. Here are three ways you can go about improving the fuel efficiency for your car.

1. Ease off the accelerator.

When you’re at a stoplight and you have a car beside you, how often are you tempted to hit the accelerator a little bit too hard? The harder you accelerate to cruising speed, the more fuel you’ll be burning. Fuel efficiency drops drastically in stop and go traffic, especially when you’re constantly gunning the accelerator just to come up to the next light a quarter mile away.

Instead, ease off the line and you’ll begin seeing your fuel efficiency improve.

2. Choose the right gas.

If your BMW calls for 93 octane, fill it with 93 octane. If it calls for 87, use only 87 octane.

Too many people have a tendency to think using 93 octane in a car that only calls for 87 is going to improve fuel efficiency. In fact, it generally has the opposite effect.

3. Cruise at the recommended speed limit.

You may enjoy getting home two minutes quicker while weaving in and out of traffic at 130 kilometers per hour or even faster, but that’s killing your fuel efficiency. It’s also increasing the risk of accidents and tickets.

It’s best to cruise along the highway at the recommended speed limit and that will help you stay safer, save money on gas, and you’re not actually going to lose a lot of time in the process. With traffic the way it is these days, most aggressive drivers only save a minute or two, tops, on an average 30-minute commute.


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