3 Ways to Protect Your Beemer’s Finish

protect-your-car-web-250x167Your BMW has been great to you through the years. Whether or not it’s relatively new or several years old, that finish is going to be exposed to a lot of hazards and potential damage.

The sun’s ultraviolet radiation can fade any surface, including that of your BMW. There are things you can do to help protect it, and some of them might seem like common sense, but believe it or not far too many people lose common sense when they’re excited about something, when they feel overwhelmed with stress and anxiety, or are just trying to get to their final destination as quickly as possible.

Think about these three ways you can help protect your Beemer’s finish this summer.

1. Garage it.

If you have a garage, make sure there’s plenty of room for your BMW in it. A lot of people use their garage as extra storage for the items they have, but if you expose your BMW to the rain, snow, sleet, ice, direct sunlight, and other weather factors, it’s going to significantly damage the finish over time.

If you have a spouse’s car that sits in the garage instead, sit down and discuss which vehicle is more valuable to protect.

2. Wash and wax it in the shade

If you enjoy washing and waxing your BMW to make it look its best, make sure you do this only in the shade. If you do it in direct sunlight, the dirt you’re trying to wash off, car wash, and even the wax can get burned onto the surface. That can cause major problems over time.

If you bring it to a carwash center, make sure the personnel there wipe it down properly, from bumper to bumper before you leave the lot.

3. Don’t rest anything on it.

For example, if you’re heading to the beach and you get there and can’t wait to get to the sand and into the water, you may not think about what you put on the surface, such as on the roof or even the trunk space. You can set a towel down, your coffee mug, or other items, not thinking about what it could be doing to the finish.

Pay attention and avoid setting anything down on the vehicle. Even the smallest, seemingly innocuous thing can cause damage to the surface of that finish.

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