4 Reasons to Not Do the Oil Change on Your BMW Yourself

4 Reasons to Not Do the Oil Change on Your BMW YourselfThere are probably many things you can do by yourself to maintain your BMW in good running condition. One of the most common things that do-it-yourselfers have a tendency to try is changing the oil.

Changing the oil on a BMW may be relatively straightforward or can be complicated, depending on the model and year. For BMWs that utilize a filter cartridge, a special tool needs to be used to remove the cartridge casing so that you can replace the cartridge itself. Other BMWs rely on a basic oil filter that is similar to many other cars.

Below are four reasons why you should avoid doing the oil change yourself and instead bring it to an authorized BMW service center.

Reason #1: Those pesky oil filter cartridges.

In the days of traditional oil filters, all you needed was an oil filter wrench to loosen the oil filter and remove it once the oil had been drained from the vehicle. Today, you’ll find more and more BMWs utilizing filter cartridges that require the removal of the casing and that often requires a different tool. It can also be much more difficult to gain access to the filter cartridge.

Reason #2: Disposal of the oil.

When you change the oil in your BMW, you are responsible for getting rid of that oil. You can’t just dispose of it down the drain or in the garbage. It needs to go to an authorized oil recycling center.

Reason #3: Accidental spills.

When you’re draining the oil from your BMW, if some gets on the ground it can pose an environmental hazard. Accidents can happen, and if you spill oil anywhere, you need to have it properly cleaned up. Are you prepared to do that?

Reason #4: Spilling oil when filling it in the oil pan.

When adding oil back into the engine compartment, if you spill some on the outside, it will trickle down along the engine and when you’re driving, it’s going to burn off, causing smoke and possibly even damaging hoses and belts.

It’s simply best to have your oil changed professionally at an authorized BMW service center.

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