4 Things to Know about ABS Braking on a BMW

abs workingWhen you purchase a BMW you will likely have ABS brakes on it. ABS refers to Anti-Lock Braking System and is designed to help keep people safer when out driving, especially during inclement weather. When driving on wet pavement, for example, if you have to come to a quick stop suddenly you will slam on the brakes. Without ABS brakes you can lose traction when the tires lockup.

With this antilock braking system in place, the locks will release and grab in a stable pattern to keep the car level and on the road.

Here are some things you need to know about ABS braking if you don’t have any prior experience with it.

1. When slipping on the road, don’t take your foot off the brake.

ABS brakes work best when they are applied and they stay engaged. If you try to take your foot off the break because your car is slipping on the road, you’re removing the ABS braking systems ability to work properly.

2. It will take longer to come to a full stop with ABS brakes.

When stopping distance is calculated for new cars, it is done usually on dry conditions in the best of circumstances. If you are driving in snow, slush, or on a rainy surface, when you engage the brakes it could take longer to come to a stop.

3. An ABS warning light should be heeded.

If the ABS light illuminates on the dashboard, it’s time to bring your BMW into an authorized service center immediately. Any issues with the ABS system can affect your ability to stop properly.

4. Just because you have an antilock braking system on your BMW doesn’t mean you can stop paying attention to the road.

Just because you have a system like this doesn’t mean you are completely safe in all conditions. You still need to pay attention to the details of weather conditions and road conditions when you’re out driving.

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