4 Tips for New BMW Owners

3 Reasons Synthetic Oil May be Better for Your Particular BMWYou just purchased your first BMW. Congratulations are in order. As a new BMW owner (whether you purchased a brand-new BMW or a certified used one), there are a number of things you should keep in mind.

Just because you now own one of the finest performance automobiles in the world doesn’t mean you can just neglect general upkeep and maintenance. Here are four tips that should help you maximize your enjoyment of this vehicle and its life expectancy.

Tip #1: Allow the engine to ‘break in.’

Some people consider this breaking in period to be a myth. It’s not. Every engine needs to have time to allow the components to properly stretch and then function at their maximum performance levels. Take it easy on the acceleration and top speeds for the first several months. 5000 km should be ample time to allow the engine to properly break in.

Tip #2: Bring it in for the scheduled Inspection I and Inspection II services.

These regular maintenance checks are important at helping to keep your BMW operating at its peak performance levels. They conduct a thorough diagnostic and inspection of the entire BMW, from bumper to bumper, interior and exterior.

Any issues that may be arising can be addressed at this time and are usually covered under warranty.

Tip #3: Choose an authorized BMW service center whenever you need service.

If your BMW needs an oil change, an inspection, or some other type of service, bring it to an authorized BMW center. You might be tempted to bring it back to the dealership where you purchased your car, but you’re going to find much more experienced individuals at a place like Bimmex.

Tip #4: Use the proper fuel.

High-performance BMWs may require higher octane gasoline or you may have a diesel engine. Make sure you understand exactly which fuel is recommended for your BMW and use that consistently.

It’s also best to use the same fuel from the same supplier or gas station every time. If your BMW calls for 87 octane fuel, avoid the temptation to put 83 octane in it. It’s not going to do any good for the engine and can actually lead to a buildup of deposits.

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