4 Ways to Stay ‘Green’ when Buying a BMW

oil-changeIf you’re environmentally conscious, you could be torn about buying a brand-new BMW. You might be thinking that the BMW will give your friends, family, or others who know you the wrong impression.

BMWs are not going to compete with the Toyota Prius or the smart car as far as being ‘green.’ Still, that doesn’t mean a BMW can’t be environmentally friendly. Here are five ways you can still stay somewhat ‘green’ when purchasing a new BMW.

1. Focusing on fuel efficiency.

You can certainly focus on a high-performance BMW, but there are also more practical, fuel-efficient models that still give you the benefits of BMW ownership.

2. Focus on regular gasoline engines.

Some BMWs use diesel fuel, but diesel can admit more harmful emissions over time than regular gasoline.

3. Follow up with regular maintenance as scheduled.

When you purchase a brand-new car, especially a BMW, there will be certain maintenance schedules that will be recommended. Make sure you follow up with these. If you don’t, the engine will begin to run dirtier and that is going to cause more harmful emissions to be admitted from the car.

4. Consider tinted glass.

Tinted glass is allowed on the rear windows and the back window, but not necessarily the front windows. However, if you choose tinted glass as the feature for your BMW, it can cut down on how much heat gets generated inside the car during the summer months. That could cause you to have to run the air-conditioning less frequently, which means you will be burning less fuel.

Is it a stretch? Possibly, but it still something. Remember, being environmentally conscious is a matter of small steps that make all the difference in the world.


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