5 Common Problems that Could Indicate Your BMW’s Transmission Needs Work

when your transmission needs workEvery BMW is built on precision and performance. No matter whether the BMW is relatively new or has seen many kilometers roll underneath its wheels, problems are going to develop over time. Some of those problems could involve the transmission.

Below are five common problems, and potential symptoms, that could indicate a problem with your BMW’s transmission. In the event that you experience any of these symptoms, it is absolutely essential to bring your BMW into an authorized repair service center as soon as possible. Continuing to drive around with transmission problems building could ultimately lead to complete failure and extreme damage to not just the transmission but other components of your vehicle.

1. A lack of response.

If you begin to notice that the car hesitates when you accelerate or is having difficulty getting into gear, this could be a sign that something is wrong.

The moment you shift gears or go from drive to park, or reverse, the transmission should shift. If it hesitates or delays there may very well be a problem brewing.

2. A whining sound.

Every transmission is different and every problem could create a unique sound, but if you begin hearing things that you have never heard before while driving, and it is a sound that goes away when you go from drive to park, it could very well be the transmission.

3. Leaking or low fluid levels.

If you notice transmission fluid leaking from underneath your car or, when you check the transmission fluid levels and notice it’s low, this needs to be taken care of immediately. Low fluid levels could lead to a complete transmission failure and the need to replace the entire transmission itself.

4. A grinding or shaking sensation.

When you hear a grinding noise when shifting into gear or you feel the gear shifter shake while driving, it may very well be related to the transmission.

5. A burning smell.

Any time you smell something burning when your car is running it’s time to be concerned. Overheating transmission fluid is one potential cause of a burning smell. If this is happening, the transmission could become damaged and completely break down.

Don’t take chances; get your BMW to an authorized repair center as soon as possible.

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