5 Reasons to Avoid Modifying Your BMW Yourself

BMW-Steering-wheelYou may enjoy tinkering with your BMW, changing the oil, checking the brakes, doing many other things on it rather than bringing it into an authorized BMW service center, but if you been contemplating modifying your BMW on your own, here are five reasons you should reconsider that.

Reason #1: A modification can change suspension and handling.

If you modify your BMW, you may need to change the type of shocks or other suspension and steering components you have in place. If the modification alters your suspension, it can make it more dangerous for you to drive around.

Reason #2: You could inadvertently damage various components.

BMWs are finally tuned automobiles. There are many electronic and computer related components that help keep it running in great condition and to optimal performance levels. If you inadvertently damage one of these components, it can affect other aspects of the vehicle.

Reason #3: You’ll likely come across questions while you do the work.

You may have done a modification on another type of vehicle and assume this is not much different, but the minute you start tapping into other areas of the car, removing bolts or screws, you may notice something you haven’t seen before.

Reason #4: You can reduce the value of your vehicle.

If you watch any number of programs on TV that deal with automobiles, pawn shops, and more, you’ll likely have seen people trying to sell their modified vehicles. They may be great, classic vehicles but they’re just not worth the money they put into them. You could actually find your BMW’s value going down as a result of the modifications you put in.

Reason #5: Many aftermarket modifications aren’t designed for the specific vehicle they go in.

An experienced technician would be able to tell you if the parts you purchased or are thinking of getting are not the right fit for your particular model. That can help you save a lot of time, frustration, and money.


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