5 Reasons City Driving is Affecting Your BMW

5 Reasons City Driving is Affecting Your BMWDriving throughout Toronto can be exciting for some people, but when you’re going into the city on a daily basis for work, it can certainly get aggravating. Stop and go traffic, congestion, poor air quality, high heat during the summer, extreme cold during the winter, and more can all have a direct impact on your vehicle.

Here are five reasons that driving in Toronto or any city on a regular basis can be affecting your car.

Reason #1: The constant stop and go traffic.

Every time you have to apply the brakes and then step on the accelerator to get going again, you’re adding strain to your vehicle. It may not seem like a big deal at the time, but the more this is done, the shorter the life expectancy of your BMW becomes.

Reason #2: Dirty air affects the vehicle.

You need to make sure you check the air filter, as well as the fuel filters, more frequently when you do a lot of city driving. That dirty air is getting into your engine, but hopefully most of it is being caught by the air filters.

Reason #3: Your suspension can be significantly damaged.

Every pothole, bump, stop and go, and more can all be having a direct and negative impact on your suspension. When the suspension begins to break down, it is going to affect other parts of the steering and chassis components. Idler arm, tie rods, and more can all experience lower life expectancies.

Reason #4: Cold starts.

The late autumn, winter, and early spring season in the Greater Toronto Area is known for its cold temperatures. When you constantly have to start your vehicle in the cold, whether it is in a parking garage or out in your driveway, it’s putting strain on the sensitive components.

Reason #5: Hard acceleration.

Your BMW is fuel injected, but every time you step on the accelerator hard to get going from those red lights or stop signs, it can be building up deposits along the fuel injectors themselves. It’s important to have these cleaned every so often, but it’s even more important to have your BMW serviced more frequently when you do a lot of city driving.


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