5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Beemer Looking Great All Season

Car Wash or Considering Cleaning It YourselfYou want to find out some ways you can help your Beemer look great all year long? We have five simple, but highly effective, tips that are ideally suited for BMW owners to help keep it looking its best throughout the summer, fall, winter, and spring seasons.

1. Wash it regularly.

This seems like common sense, but if you wash your BMW consistently, such as once a week, at a minimum, it will be much easier to protect the finish and shine of that vehicle. You’ll get a lot of the dirt, dust, and grime off your vehicle, especially if you travel regularly into the city.

2. Cover it from direct sunlight.

If you’re going to park in an open area during the daytime, and you’re going to spend a considerable amount of time indoors, such as shopping at a mall, cover the vehicle after you park. It might take a few minutes to do so, but you’ll be protecting the finish from those harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.

3. Rinse off pollen.

As we move through summer and head into fall, the pollen count will continue to decline, but anytime you notice pollen collecting on the surface, rinse it off with the hose. Once you rinse it off, pat it dry with a soft terrycloth towel or other nonabrasive material.

4. Avoid bird droppings.

If you like to park in the shade, you’re going to have more bird droppings on your cars finish. If you have to park in an open parking area for work, it certainly can be tempting to find the shady areas, but it’s more practical to protect the finish of your vehicle to avoid those areas and instead cover it after you park.

5. Garage the vehicle when possible.

If you have a garage at home, keep your BMW in their whenever you’re not driving. If you have to discuss which vehicle to store in the garage with your spouse, remember, a BMW is a fine, precision automobile with an incredible finish and reputation. It may very well be a much better use of your garage space with regard to protecting that investment.


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