5 Steps to Prepping Your BMW for the Winter Ahead

handling strategies in winterWith winter right around the corner, it’s time to begin thinking about preparing for the season ahead. If you have a BMW, you want to have it ready for the cold, snowy season before it’s too late.

In Toronto and all throughout Canada, winter arrives much earlier here than in the United States and other parts of the world. At times this can seem to be a drag, especially if you feel that summer had just started and it was over before you knew it, but that doesn’t change the fact that being prepared is the best remedy.

Here are five steps to take that will help get your BMW ready for the winter driving season ahead.

Step #1: Choose a qualified and experienced authorized BMW service center.

If you have been bringing your BMW to the dealership because of free services, it’s time to consider a better option.

An authorized BMW service center like Bimmex understands BMWs in and out and knows exactly what it takes to be prepared for the difficult driving season winter poses.

Step #2: Have the coolant flushed.

You should have the coolant flushed twice a year: once at the end of winter and once heading into winter. Have your coolant replaced with a quality antifreeze with a 50/50 ratio.

Step #3: Change the oil.

Bring your BMW into an authorized service center and have the oil changed. The weight of the oil should be adjusted for the cold winter months ahead. For example, if you have been driving with a 10W-30 oil during the summer, consider switching to 5W-30 for winter.

Step #4: Get winter tires installed.

You probably have decent tires on your vehicle already, and you can save them, but you should get winter tires as soon as possible. The snow can begin flying any time in October or November. You want to be prepared.

Step #5: Replace the windshield wipers.

Replacing the windshield wipers is a great idea because when the snow. Old windshield wipers will be ineffective at properly cleaning your windshield. There can be streaks that reduce visibility.

When you’re ready to take the steps to get your BMW ready for the winter driving season ahead, contact Bimmex.

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