5 Things to Consider when Choosing an Authorized BMW Service Center

check-coolantWhether you purchased a new or used BMW, you will need to have it serviced from time to time. Whether it is for an oil change, Inspection I or Inspection II services, changing the spark plugs, diagnosing a potential problem, or anything else, you have numerous options available to you.

You can certainly bring your BMW to just about any repair shop throughout the Greater Toronto Area, and you can also choose to rely on the dealerships service center, and that may be tempting because of the ‘free’ oil changes they may offer you for a certain number of kilometers, but you should choose one with which you are comfortable and that will take care of your BMW the best way possible.

Here are five things to consider when contemplating this important decision.

1. Experience.

A dealership service center may not employ the most experienced service technicians. A lot of these dealerships pay bottom dollar to their service technicians and that means they get younger individuals who are just out of trade school or don’t have a lot of experience working on vehicles.

2. Passion.

Your BMW is a passion to you and you deserve to find a service center that feels the same way about it.

3. Diagnostics.

Not every service center is going to be able to properly diagnose your BMW because it is such a fine, precision automobile. You should focus only on authorized BMW service centers.

4. Customer service.

Contact any potential service centers you are considering using and talk to them on the phone. Visit them in person. This will give you an opportunity to see how they treat you, and that should give you an idea about how they will treat your car.

5. Check out online reviews.

Previous customers will likely post reviews online for particular service centers. Check these out, and when you do, you will likely realize Bimmex is a reputable and authorized BMW service center in the Greater Toronto Area.


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