5 Things to Know About Remote Starters on a BMW

BMW_USB_KeyfobYour BMW may have come with a remote starter as part of the accessories package you chose when you purchased it. If it didn’t, you may have purchased one or received one as a gift recently. Having a remote starter on a vehicle can seem like a great convenience.

You can stand inside your warm house in the morning, press a button, and have the car start up for you. By the time you head out the door and get into your vehicle, it will be warmed up and the heat may even be cranking. What a great asset, right?

It certainly can be convenient, but here are five things you should know about these remote starters on your BMW (or any vehicle, for that matter).

1. Those installed by the manufacturer are much more secure.

Aftermarket products, especially those that involve ignition and starting your engine may not be as secure as the ones your BMW dealer will install themselves.

2. Most remote starters are considered relatively safe.

In order to get the car in gear and drive away you have to have the key, either an electric key fob or in the ignition, turned to the ‘on’ position. You don’t have to worry about somebody getting into the car and taking off because you started it remotely.

3. It is a convenience.

It’s not a necessity to have a remote starter. It’s a convenience. Some people get far too accustomed to conveniences and end up relying on them as though they are necessities.

4. You no longer control the start of your engine.

When you use a remote starter, the minute you press the button the engine turns over. This might sound fine, but on extremely cold mornings it can place a great deal of stress on various components in the engine.

It’s better to actually turn the key to the on position, wait 15 seconds or more so the oil can begin moving through the engine components, and then crank the engine to start.

5. They can be removed.

If you realize you don’t like the remote starter function, they can be removed. This will cost a bit extra, but you don’t have to drive around with something you don’t really want on your vehicle.


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