5 Things Most People Don’t Realize About Cruise Control

How to Properly Inspect a Used BMW before You BuyYour BMW most likely has cruise control. Maybe you don’t use it, don’t feel it’s even necessary, or have even thought about it. However, cruise control can be a great asset when driving on the highway. If you commute every day to work, head into Toronto or some other major city, that cruise control may feel like a liability.

However, if you’re on the open road and there’s not a lot of traffic around, you could put that cruise control to good use. Here are five things a lot of people simply don’t realize about cruise control.

1. It’s convenient.

When you don’t have to worry about checking your speed, it’s a convenient feature. You can set the cruise control to 100 km/h or whatever speed you want to travel at, and then pay attention to the road ahead.

2. It’s easy to use on a BMW.

Cruise control is easy on most vehicles, but in BMWs they are a wonderful asset of simplicity.

3. It can actually improve fuel efficiency.

Whether you have an automatic or manual transmission, using cruise control can improve fuel efficiency. It does this through a series of advanced calculations to determine the right acceleration and fuel efficiency.

4. It’s an option.

You don’t have to use cruise control if you don’t want to. However, if it’s an option you’re considering adding to your BMW, choose it. You may not think you’d ever use it, but then again you might not have thought about taking a trip across the country, at which point that cruise control is going to come in incredibly handy.

5. It’s reliable.

Whenever you need the cruise control, it’s going to be there for you. It will work the same way every single time.

If you enjoy cruise control and need some help figuring out how to work the one on your particular BMW, bring it to Bimmex and one of the experienced service technicians can help you figure it out. If you think it needs service, they can take care of it as well.

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