5 Thoughts about Maintaining Your BMW Throughout the Winter

Check the Tire Pressure on Your Beemer, Especially when Temperatures ChangeGeneral car maintenance is important all year round. However, most people have a tendency to neglect their BMW during the winter months, mostly because of the cold temperatures, snow, and other challenges that exist all around them.

Here are five thoughts about BMW maintenance that should hopefully inspire you to bring your car into an authorized service center on a consistent and regular basis.

1. Your BMW undergoes tremendous stress on cold mornings.

A cold start is difficult for an engine. Even if you have the best oil, it has recently been changed, and you’ve maintained the vehicle well, every time you turn over the ignition on an extremely cold morning, it’s placing increased stress on all of those engine components.

Having it checked out consistently will reduce the risk of problems developing over time.

2. Temperature changes can impact tires.

The tire pressure can change and decrease, especially when the temperature fluctuates tremendously. That’s why it’s a good idea to have your tires checked every couple of weeks by an experienced service technician, which shouldn’t really cost anything at all.

3. Braking is different in the winter.

When you apply the brakes in the winter, especially during a snowstorm, you’re going to realize it takes a lot longer to stop. Most BMWs today have ABS braking systems installed in them, and that can certainly make it safer, but it’s more important than ever to have these brakes checked throughout the winter to ensure they are working properly and as designed.

4. It’s more important than ever to change the oil as recommended.

Whether you should be changing the oil every 8,000 kilometers or at a different interval, it’s important to follow through with that on time. If you don’t, the cold morning starts can potentially cause damage to sensitive engine components.

5. The right service center can make it easy and convenient.

When you go to a qualified BMW service center, it will make maintenance much more convenient for you. If that sounds like a great idea, contact Bimmex today.


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