5 Tips for BMW X Owners

3 Reasons Synthetic Oil May be Better for Your Particular BMWYour purchase of a BMW SUV, especially the X model, was a great investment. Just like any other brand new BMW, you need to make sure it gets proper maintenance from the very beginning. SUVs are not that much different than regular automobiles. After all, they are automobiles, just a bit larger than your average sedan.

Here are five tips any new BMW X owner should keep in mind to ensure proper function and longevity.

Tip #1: Bring it in for Inspection I and Inspection II service.

Even though your BMW SUV is running great, that doesn’t mean you can ignore these important inspections. These are designed to ensure that your BMW runs properly for many hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

You might not be planning to keep this BMW that long, but the more you pay attention to general maintenance, the more it’s going to hold its value.

Tip #2: Look for a quality BMW auto service center.

Even though your dealership has its own service garage on site, that’s not always the best option. In fact, many dealerships try to save money by hiring inexperienced technicians to work on those vehicles.

You should look for a quality BMW service center, such as Bimmex.

Tip #3: Understand traction control.

Because you purchased an SUV, you may assume that since you can handle snow and ice better than your average car that you’ll be able to stop more quickly as well. You won’t. In fact, because of the added weight of an SUV compared to a regular automobile, you could end up requiring more distance to come to a full and complete stop during extreme weather.

Tip #4: Avoid the temptation of relying on technology for everything.

You may have backup cameras, sensors, and other warning devices to help you stay safe on the road, but when you fall into a false sense of security, it can lead to problems. Stay alert when you’re driving your BMW SUV.

Remember, there’s a lot more weight with your vehicle than a sedan.

Tip #5: Change the oil at regular intervals.

For some reason, SUV owners tend to think they don’t need to care for their vehicle as often as a ‘more delicate’ sedan. That’s not true. Your SUV needs an oil change at regular intervals. When you choose the right auto service center in Toronto, this will be much easier to have done.


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