5 Tips to Get Your Beemer Ready for Summer

check-coolantSummer. It’s the best time of year for you. That’s when you get to take your BMW out, roll the top down, let the wind blow through your hair, and enjoy cruising down the highway or along the winding roads through the rural areas of Ontario.

Just because you have a BMW doesn’t mean you can’t do things to improve its condition, efficiency, and even its power. Here are five tips that can help you get your Beemer ready for the summer months, those summer driving months, ahead.

Tip #1: Flush the antifreeze.

It’s a good idea to flush the antifreeze and replace it with quality coolant in the spring. Just as it’s also important to flush the system once again in the fall and replace it with quality, brand new antifreeze.

Tip #2: Replace winter tires.

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to replace your winter tires with something more appropriate for the summer. The tread will be different, the traction will change, and your fuel efficiency should improve as well with quality summer tires.

Tip #3: Replace the oil.

Even if you had the oil replaced just 3,000 km ago, get it done again. You can never replace the oil to frequently and you’ll also be able to have them replace the oil with a viscosity and weight more appropriate for harsh summer driving.

Tip #4: Have your BMW professionally inspected.

Have an authorized BMW service technician go over your BMW thoroughly to inspect all components. This will allow you to understand any issues that may be arising of what work might need to be done to ensure it doesn’t break down during the summer.

The best place to bring your BMW is to Bimmex. They are the best authorized BMW service center throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Tip #5: Clean your BMW.

If you don’t like washing and vacuuming out your car, bring it to a quality center that can take care of all the detailing. When you do, you’ll feel great, your BMW will look awesome, and you will thoroughly be ready for the driving season coming up.


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