5 Ways to Care for Your High Performance BMW during Summer

Oil ChangeThe moment you drive your brand new BMW home (if it’s used, it’s brand new to you), it’s a great feeling. Friends and family come over to see it, they walk around the car, sit behind the wheel, and envy your new purchase. It looks incredible in your garage or driveway and you vow to make sure that it continues to look that good for years to come.

That requires care. There are many ways to care for your BMW, but five of the most important are:

  • Wash it regularly
  • Protect the interior
  • Change the oil
  • Have regular service on it
  • Rotate the tires

Washing Your BMW

Washing a car is relatively simple. You could take it to a drive-through car wash, but you’ll expose the car’s fine finish to potentially abrasive materials. Even the ‘touch-free’ car washes actually make contact with your vehicle.

The best wash is one you do with soft sponges, a hose, and in the shade. You can bring your BMW to a self-serve car wash station for high powered water jets. Use non-abrasive materials and dry immediately with terry-cloth towels. If you don’t dry it right away, you could end up getting spots on the finish. Don’t forget to clean the wheels as well and inside the wheel wells.

Protect the Interior

Cleaning and dusting the interior is important, too. You should do the job with Armor All or a comparable protectant that will guard against drying and cracking caused by the glaring sun.

Change the Oil

With synthetic oils that BMW recommends, you won’t need to change the oil more than every 8,000 to 16,000 kilometers. Just don’t abuse those numbers and put off the oil change beyond that mark.

Bringing your BMW to a repair facility for an oil change early is never going to be a bad thing.

Have Regular Services on It

Your BMW requires Inspection I and II service. These are vital to ensure that your car runs best throughout its lifespan. Some owners don’t believe it’s necessary to go through all of this, especially when they don’t hear or notice anything wrong with their vehicle.

Inspection I and II is precautionary, for the most part. Experienced technicians will be able to diagnose the wear and tear on your BMW and determine if something should be replaced, checked more thoroughly, or estimate when you may need to consider a more significant tune up. The goal of every inspection and service is to keep your BMW operating at peak performance levels.

Rotate the Tires

Due to the way many BMWs operate, they are high powered, high performance machines and they will wear down the tires. When you rotate them properly, you’ll not only maximize the life of those tires, but you’ll also improve handling and performance.

Rely on these 5 tips to maintain the high performance of your BMW, especially during the peak driving season of summer.

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