7 Steps to Get Your Beemer Ready for Summer


check-coolantWhen summer is just around the corner, you may be planning on doing some extra driving. If you have a cabin out in the woods, a boat on the lake, or plan on traveling across the country or even down to the United States in your Beemer, it’s time to consider getting that BMW ready for the summer driving season.

You can do that by following these seven steps.

Step #1: Check the tires. If you’re still driving around with winter tires, it’s well past time to replace them. They may still be in great condition, so you want to store them somewhere once you have your summer tires put on the rims.

Step #2: Replace the oil. Even if you had the oil replaced a few months ago and it’s not yet time to do it, consider doing it now. At the beginning of the summer season and the beginning of the winter season, it’s a good time to replace the oil.

Step #3: Replace all filters. This includes the air filter, fuel filter, and oil filter. Replacing the filters means they are ready for whatever dust and other pollutants summer throws your way.

Step #4: Vacuum out the interior. You may maintain your BMW pretty well on a regular basis, but vacuuming it out and getting every little nook and cranny clean can help restore it to almost new condition which can be tremendously beneficial for your emotional state of mind this summer.

Step #5: Wax the exterior. Washing and waxing your vehicle is a great way to help it continue looking it’s best for as long as possible. Going through a local carwash may seem simple and easy, but using wax that you have to apply yourself, allowing it to dry to a haze, and then wiping off with a terrycloth towel is the only true way to protect the finish.

Step #6: Having inspected. Bring your BMW to an authorized service center to have it inspected. The experienced technician will be able to determine if there are any potential issues that need to be addressed now rather than waiting.

Step #7: Have the coolant flushed and replaced. The antifreeze and coolant are basically the same thing, so you want to make sure it is fresh for this upcoming driving season. Keeping your engine cool is going to help maximize performance and efficiency.


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