ABS Brakes Only Work when You Keep Your BMW in Tip-Top Shape

abs workingAlmost every single BMW manufactured today includes ABS systems. ABS stands for Antilock Braking System and it is a technology that has helped countless people avoid extremely serious accidents, especially in slick driving conditions.

ABS brakes are most effective during rain, snow, or other similar weather conditions.

How ABS systems work.

The main focus of ABS brake systems is that the computer technology that controls the brakes, when it detects sliding conditions of the vehicle (or more specifically when the brakes completely lock up on the wheels), will release and engage the brakes in a pattern around the car to help regain traction. Very often when somebody applies the brakes and begins to slide, they also panic. When they panic is when severe accidents can happen. Antilock brakes were designed to help avoid these perilous situations.

When applying brakes during slippery conditions in which the ABS system engages, it will take the vehicle quite a bit longer to come to a full and complete stop than if it was on dry pavement conditions.

Because of the sensitive nature of the ABS braking system, it’s important to keep the sensing devices free and clear of debris and operating as they were designed. Each brake will have its own sensing device placed near the brake caliper, rotor, or drum. If this device gets overwhelmed with brake dust, dirt, or corrosion, it may not function properly and therefore when the car begins to slide the brakes may not engage and disengage in the proper sequence, causing a potentially serious accident.

The best way to ensure that your ABS system operates as it was designed to for your BMW, have your brakes replaced and inspected regularly by an authorized BMW service center.

You may have experience working on cars in the past, but BMWs are not like most other vehicles and require special tools and knowledge to ensure that this essential safety component operates properly in all conditions.

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