Aftermarket Exhausts for BMWs: Are They Worth It?

Repair Service Insurance on Your BMW: Is It Worth the Investment?One of the first things you should do when you purchase a used BMW, whether you purchase from a private party or a dealer, is bring it to an authorized BMW service center for an overall inspection. In fact, it’s usually better to have this done before you sign on the dotted line.

It might look great on the outside, but an experienced technician who has worked on BMWs most of his life will be able to detect certain issues easily overlooked. There may be certain problems inherent with the particular model you have or want to own. It’s best to know these things up front before committing to anything.

If you already purchased this BMW, it’s still a good idea to bring it to an authorized BMW service center to have it inspected. You will get a clear idea of what issues may lie ahead with regard to general maintenance and repairs.

Now, about those aftermarket exhausts.

Many people put on aftermarket exhausts because they either look pretty cool with their chrome finish or create a unique sound, such as similar to a racing car or motorcycle.

Before installing any type of aftermarket exhaust, make sure it’s truly compatible with your particular model of BMW. It may say so from the manufacturer, but any minor issues with fit or functionality could impact your BMW’s performance. Yeah, it might sound pretty cool to you and your friends, but it could cause you to lose horsepower, performance, fuel efficiency, or other issues.

Over time, poor exhaust could cause damage to other sensitive components in your car. Not all of them are worth taking that type of risk to install.

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