Auto Detailing: Worth It or Worthless?


Auto Detailing: Worth It or Worthless?Depending on where you go you could spend a tremendous amount of money on professional auto detailing. If you go to a professional car wash facility, they usually offer detailing of most vehicles for $100 or more. When it’s for your BMW, you want only the best, so the question is whether or not auto detailing is actually worth it.

The simple answer is that it all depends on the individual and the type of car they have. Since you have a BMW, it may make sense to pay for a professional auto detailing at least every few months.

What is auto detailing?

This is a method of cleaning that essentially gets into every nook and cranny throughout the vehicle. It can include waxing and buffing on the exterior, but that is likely far more expensive than just an interior detailing.

When you sit in your BMW, just notice all of the little crevices and spaces that require special tools, brushes, and other items to reach into them. The vent covers alone often give people fits when trying to clean their own vehicles.

Detailing means getting all of the dust and dirt out from every single crevice, including cup holders, along the seams of your leather seats, under mats, under the seats, and everywhere else.

So is it worth it? Most people would agree that it is, at least every once in a while. Every single person is likely fully capable of thoroughly cleaning the interior of the vehicle, though they might not want to devote the time to it. If you choose auto detailing from a car wash facility, find out exactly what it entails and the quality you should expect. You want to make sure you protect your BMW and get the type of results you’re hoping for.

When you focus on cleanliness and detailing, you’ll have a tendency to focus on proper maintenance and upkeep as well.


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