Avoid the Most Common Auto Repair Ripoffs and Protect Yourself and Your BMW

Avoid the Most Common Auto Repair Ripoffs and Protect Yourself and Your BMWKeeping your BMW running in great shape is a matter of pride, but it’s also a matter of responsibility. After all, you made a significant investment in your BMW, so you want to make sure that it is maintained properly throughout its lifespan. Whether you plan on keeping your BMW for many years or you hope to trade it in for a new model in two or three years, it’s going to require general maintenance, and even Inspection I and Inspection II services.

Depending on where you bring your BMW to get serviced, there are some unfortunately common ripoffs that some service centers and mechanics do on a regular basis. Protect yourself and your BMW by avoiding these wherever possible.

Ripoff #1: The unchanged oil. There are certain companies that have been caught red handed not actually changing the oil in the cars they were supposed to. As oil has gotten more expensive through the years, some mechanics have gotten into the habit of simply acting like they’re changing the oil, but they don’t actually do anything.

Always make sure you check the oil before leaving the facility. You can do this by pulling out the dipstick and seeing that the oil is fresh and clean. If it looks the same way it did before you brought it in, it’s time to call the authorities.

Ripoff #2: Not changing parts. Some mechanics have a tendency to tell unsuspecting car owners that their alternator, air conditioning compressor, or some other part is beginning to fail. Do you want to replace it now while we have your car? Doing it now could save you money on auto expenses in the future.

You get your car back, you pay for a new part, but it’s the same part that still exists in your car. Any mechanic who tells you that something needs be replaced should show you exactly what part they are talking about. Take a good quality digital camera and take a close-up picture of it or, if you can reach down to the part, etch your initials on it. Don’t let the mechanic know you’ve done this, though. When you get your car back and you check that part, if it’s the same one and has been replaced, contact the authorities.

Ripoff #3: “While we were repairing ___, we found a problem with …” It can certainly happen, but any time somebody comes to you and tells you of a completely unrelated problem with your car, you may want to have it checked by another independent auto service center.

If you want to completely avoid getting ripped off when it comes to maintenance for your BMW, bring it to Bimmex. We have been serving the Greater Toronto Area for years and have a passion for BMWs and their owners.

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