Avoid the Emergency Repair Horror

Bimmex Markham & WoodbridgeThere is a common misconception that a new car should always be taken to the car dealership for repairs. But why spend the money and time going to the dealership when you can use an independent repair shop that is just as qualified to work on your car?

Finding an independent repair shop can be tricky – many of them do car repairs in general rather than specialize. In these shops, the mechanics are familiar with general diagnosis and repair but don’t have mechanics that specialise in a specific make or makes such as European cars, Japanese cars, or other special rare cars. It is up to the customer to find a shop that will repair the car.

For your BMW it’s wise to seek out a repair facility that specialises in them. Taking a BMW to a shop that does not specialise in them is a big risk as the mechanics may not understand the complexity of the motor, thus misdiagnosing a problem.

Many people have had bad experiences in dealing with repair shops; excessive repair rates, shoddy repair work, and use of poor quality parts are common problem. Even repair shops that are recommended by friends and family may not be the best place for you to take your car for repairs. Dealerships may or may not be the best place as well since they tend to have the highest rate to repair cars, but they mainly use original equipment manufactured parts. On the other hand, independent repair facilities usually have better rates, may or may not use original equipment manufactured parts, and will likely repair the car without problems.

There are two independent repair shops authorised to repair BMW and Mini in Ontario, Bimmex in Markham and Woodbridge. In addition to specialising only in BMW and Mini, Bimmex is accredited by the Worldwide Association of Independent BMW Service Providers. With this in mind, the accreditation allows Bimmex to ensure that their mechanics are up-to-date with regular training classes from the manufacturer, using original equipment manufactured parts, two year limited guarantee on parts and labor, and offering customers a taxi service or rental car discounts. With all this, Bimmex only makes needed repairs – we never sell unneeded services.  Bimmex’s main goal is customer satisfaction.

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