Basic BMW Diagnosis & Repair Tips

As a BMW owner you understand the performance, power, and sheer joy of driving a bimmer. You know that just like all cars your BMW needs maintenance, tune-ups, and occasional repairs. Whether you do any repairs yourself or not, it’s good to understand what needs to be done so you can be more informed when talking with your mechanic.


Manually check under the hood to look for things like loose or disconnected parts and cables in classic model BMWs. These work much like any car – check the brake pads, fuel pump, shock absorbers, and anything else that might be worn.

For contemporary models the first thing to do is check in the leg area of the drive seat for the Data Link Connector. Then connect the Connector to the diagnostic handheld. Turn your engine on and signals will be sent throughout the body to diagnose the system and report any issues that need repair.


Brakes – Well maintained brakes are necessary for all cars. Problems with brakes are the cause of a fair amount of accidents. To keep them in tiptop shape, it is best to keep dust and debris off the brake pads and routinely check them for wear.

Cooling Systems – BMWs are known for having cooling system problems. You can help maintain it by keeping the cooling system and engine compartments clean and free of debris. The cleaner the engine is, the cooler it will stay as it runs. By treating your cooling system with additives you will also keep it running cleaner for longer.

Fuel System – Do you ever wonder why you spend more and more each time you travel? It’s likely because your fuel system isn’t working properly. Owners may not notice that fuel is wasted when the system is not well calibrated. BMW repair professionals recommend having an annual inspection to see if the fuel pumps are well lubricated and the filters are sealed.

These are a few simple tips on diagnosing and understanding your BMW. Proper maintenance will eliminate most problems that could arise with your car. Be sure you’re keeping everything as clean as possible and taking it in for regular maintenance at a certified BMW shop.

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