Become More Attuned to Your BMW and Notice Potential Issues before They Become Major Problems

car-brokenThat first time you pull out of the dealership lot with your brand new BMW is a wonderful experience. You’re giddy with excitement… feeling the way the seats conform to your body, the itch of the engine just wanting to take off, and the control you feel within the steering.

You’ve likely heard that it’s best to take it easy on the engine, at least until you have a few thousand kilometers under the wheels, and that’s good advice; it takes time for an engine to ‘stretch’ and get ready to be fully ‘opened up.’ As you become more familiar with your BMW, you’ll begin to pick up on subtle changes. These changes are a natural part of a vehicle getting older.

It doesn’t mean that your BMW is wearing out or breaking down or that it wasn’t the right investment; it simply means that eventually every car will begin to experience problems.

Being attuned to your particular car will allow you to stay on top of those potential issues as they arise, before they become major headaches. The clang from underneath while you scoot over a speed bump. The chirp from somewhere under the hood when you turn the steering wheel too far. The slight sluggishness you experience when accelerating in traffic.

These are all examples of small things people often ignore or neglect. They might turn the radio up to drown out the sounds. The may check the oil and, seeing that it’s full, be content knowing the engine is safe.

It might not be.

Every single sound, hiccup, or change that occurs with your BMW could signal a potential problem that is beginning to arise. Take care of those as soon as you hear them and you will save money in the long run by avoiding extra repairs that become part of a growing problem, when they’re ignored.

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