If Your Beemer Feels Like It’s Drifting, It Probably Is

Rotating the Tires Helps them Last Longer and Improves Traction for Your BMWFor the past couple of days you noticed something different about your BMW, especially when you’re cruising down the highway. You get up early in the morning, get showered, dressed, and ready for work, and you head off just as you always do.

You merge on the highway and you’re cruising at about 110 km/h, or even faster. You might even put yourself in the left lane to get to the city as quickly as you can. You relax a little and notice the car beginning to drift to the right. Usually it has a tendency to drift a little bit to the left when you’re in that lane, but that’s because of the slight pitch in the highway designed to help with drainage.

Could it be your imagination?

It certainly could be, but better odds favor it being a result of an alignment issue. You may have relatively new tires on your BMW and the alignment was done sometime in the spring. There’s no way you should have to get another alignment, is there?

It could certainly happen. After all, every speed bump, every pothole, or every hard turn you take has the potential to begin altering the alignment of your wheels and axles. In fact, the most common reason cars are knocked out of alignment is due to potholes.

There are many potholes all across Canada and the northern portion of the United States. The winter season is harsh on area roads. A little bit of moisture can seep down into a crack, freeze, ice expands, and it begins to break apart the asphalt. After a few cars travel over that cracked asphalt, it can all come apart, creating a pothole.

Do you remember seeing a few potholes this summer? Did you feel the jolt? If you did, just imagine what it could have done to your vehicle’s suspension.

If you feel your car starting to drift or doing something you don’t remember it doing before, bring it to an authorized BMW service center immediately for an inspection. If it needs alignment, the sooner you get it done, the safer you’re going to be on the roads.


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