Your Beemer Won’t Start: A Few Tips to See if You Can’t Get to Work Still

your car won't startIt’s frustrating when you head out in the morning to start your car and realize you’re going to be late for work. You put the key in, turn the ignition, and nothing happens. The could be a wide range of reasons for this, and while you’re struggling to figure out how you’re going to get to work and anxious about the frustration you’re causing your fellow employees and the grief you’re about to get from your boss, it’s a good idea to stop, take a moment, and try to figure out whether it’s something serious or minor.

Below are a few tips that may help you still get to work on time.

Check the battery. If you turn the key in the ignition and the headlights won’t go on, the dashboard lights are dead, it may very well be the battery. It is certainly some part of the electrical system.

Pop the hood and check the battery terminal connections to make sure that they are tight. On rare occasions they can work themselves loose and that could cause the battery to not get recharged by the alternator or to start the engine.

If you happen to have left the headlights on when you came home or even the dome light inside your BMW for several days, it could have drain the battery completely. Find somebody with jumper cables and a car and try jumpstarting the vehicle. If your BMW starts and remains running after you disconnect the jumper cables, you likely have a dead battery.

Allowing the BMW to run for a while, either idling, on your way to work, or a combination of the two, it could help to start charging the battery backup. If the battery’s completely dead it will require a significant amount of time to recharge completely.

A blown fuse could also be a culprit. If you have no experience with vehicles, it might be best to leave this to the professionals.

In the event that your BMW doesn’t start, contact Bimmex, have your BMW towed to their shop, and before you know it you’ll have it back and running in great condition.

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