The Best 4 Car Technologies You May Want to Consider for Your BMW

The Best 4 Car Technologies You May Want to Consider for Your BMWShopping for a brand-new BMW can be an exciting adventure. One thing you absolutely want to do though is take advantage of the best technology that is available today.

Not every bit of automotive technology is going to be of value to you, but here are some of the best car technologies you might want to think about when you begin shopping around for your brand-new BMW.

Backup detection system.

If you’re buying an SUV or any other vehicle, having a backup detection system is a great asset to have. You can certainly check behind you by turning slightly in the seat so you can see out the rearview mirror, but there are going to be blind spots.

If you have pets, small children, or other little creatures that may drift behind your vehicle when you’re backing out, the backup detection system will alert you that something is in the way so you can stop in time.

Automatic high beam control.

Driving along the streets in and around Toronto and throughout the countryside at night will require the use of high beams from time to time. As more and more cars are getting on the roads, that means you’ll have to be constantly turning the high beams off and then back on again every time a vehicle passes you in the other direction.

Having automatic high beam control means you don’t have to worry about this anymore. It will take care of it for you.


You might have a GPS device, but nothing beats having it built into your car’s system. It will not only be located in a convenient place, but will be able to give you advice and tips about when to turn that comes through the cars stereo system so you won’t have any trouble hearing it.

Advanced security.

If you want to protect your BMW as much as possible, make sure it comes with advanced security. This can include a special key fob that you have to have with you in order for the vehicle to start. If the key fob is not in your pocket or somewhere close by, turning the key won’t work.

There are many other technologies that can make your next BMW a joy to own.


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