Bicycles and BMWs … Who Really Has the Right of Way?

It seems as though there are more accidents involving cars and bicycles today than ever before. Some of it has to do with distracted drivers, and some of it has to do with more bicycles on the roads today. Whether you have a BMW or other type of vehicle, if it’s been many years since you had to get your license to drive, it can become confusing with new traffic patterns, traffic lights, road signs, and more.

Who has the right-of-way?

At the end of the day, it’s always going to be the bicyclist or pedestrian. That means if you are driving down the road, it’s a winding road, and you are stuck behind a bicyclist or even a series of bicyclist and there’s too much traffic coming the other way for you to pass, you are not permitted to pass.

You can only pass a bicyclist when it is safe to do so and you don’t cut into their space.

This can cause frustration.

Some drivers get overly agitated when they are slowed down by bicyclists. Even though cyclists are supposed to be riding single file, if there riding side-by-side, they still have the legal right of way and that does not give any driver the right to push them off the road or create an unsafe situation for them.

How to handle these types of situations.

If there is excessive traffic and there is no way to safely pass a cyclist or pair of cyclists riding side-by-side, a light tap on the horn will indicate to them that you are there and, hopefully, they will shift as far to the side of the road as they possibly can while being safe and get in a single file.

Road rage, distracted driving, inconsiderate drivers and inconsiderate cyclists can certainly ruin a good thing for everyone, but when it comes down to it, pedestrians and cyclists still have the right-of-way and cars need to heed that right-of-way. By doing so, BMW owners and all of the drivers on the roads can help everyone stay safer and get home to their families and loved ones once more.

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